Top 5 questions for a girl in the online chat
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Top 5 questions for a girl in the online chat

Nowadays, the online chat is a very popular service. A lot of men and women use it. The chat is easy and accessible. It requires minimum efforts and gives a lot of positive emotions. A lot of men use the chat in order to meet and communicate with a girl they like, and, probably, meet her in reality.

The online chat is a great way of communication

Nowadays, there are a lot of services that provide both text and video chat services. Each of them has its own characteristics:

– in the text chat, you can think about your answers and do not reply immediately;

– if your friend is not online now, you can leave a message for her in the text chat, which she will read later;

– the video chat makes you feel like you are on a real date, because you see your interlocutor and hear her voice. Unfortunately, you cannot only touch her;

– the video chat is a game, especially if you do not know the girl. You have to think what you are saying and doing, if you want to continue communication.

How to behave with a girl?

Different people perceive their interlocutors differently. Some of them rely on the first impression, the manner of conducting the conversation, etc. Others make an impression about a person based on a assessment of their interlocutors by asking various questions and evaluating their actions.

Remember that you should follow some rules, if you want to make the girl love you:

* a question which answer you want to know should be as simple as possible. Other questions do not contribute to the development of relations;

* do not ask too many questions. In addition, you should show your emotions and do not forget about compliments;

* your first question should require some kind of detailed answer. You may ask clarifying questions;

* find a question which answer will be clear and interesting to the girl. In other words, she should be interested in the answer.

What questions you should ask the girl

It is difficult to make the list of specific questions, since it depends on the situation, on your plans, your character and temperament.

The most common questions can be divided into the following groups:

– questions relating to her hobby;

– questions that help to learn about her occupation;

– questions about travelling;

– questions about her relationships with guys;

– different questions about eating habits, attitudes towards sports, etc.

When you decide what question you should ask, you have to show your sincerity to your partner. Then you will get chances for further communication.

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