How to behave on a first date with a girl
First Date

How to behave on a first date with a girl

The first date is a very exciting moment for any girl. She prepares for it in advance, chooses an outfit, but how to behave on a date so that it brings only positive emotions? Of course, everyone wants to make a good impression. And it is possible if you follow a number of elementary rules.

What cannot be done on a date?

Firstly, do not be rude and talk too much. Remember that a meeting involves dialogue, not a monologue. Ask questions, wait for the answer and, certainly, listen to your interlocutor. When communicating, choose more general topics, talk about your family, etc.

Secondly, forget about the phone. If you constantly stare at the smartphone screen and respond to other people’s messages, then a date will be boring. Even if the man was not your ideal, you should not humiliate him.

Thirdly, you should not pretend to be someone else. People believe that it is how they look more attractive. But it may have the opposite effect, and the first date will be the last.

Thirdly, you should not raise the topic of former relations. It applies to both. You should not talk about your ex-boyfriend, as well as ask about the failed relationship. Also prohibited topics include money, far-reaching joint plans, etc. To declare serious plans, marriage and children on a first date is a sure step to get rid of a man.

Rules for a first date

1. Take care of your appearance. Clean hair, a hairstyle and a neat look are the key to the success. But do not try too hard, just natural makeup, a well-selected make-up is enough.

2. Be polite, follow etiquette. Do not be late.

3. Show interest in a man. Take an interest in his opinion, ask questions, discuss various topics, and laugh. Have a pleasant conversation without focusing on yourself.

4. Take the initiative. You yourself can offer where to go. He will obviously like it.

5. More joke and smile. But do not use vulgar jokes.

6. The best topics for a conversation on a first date are cinema, sports and hobbies, occupation and field of activity, family, pets, travelling, etc. You can touch on personal topics, but not too deeply – it is better to leave them for the next meeting.

7. Try to be yourself. A lie is very noticeable, and such creeps can play a cruel joke in the future.

And, take into account that you agreed to meet with this man. He brought you to a beautiful place, and he also tries to please you. The first date is not an interview, it is only a chance to have a good time. Do not try to meet someone’s criteria.

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