Rules for flirting online with a guy
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Rules for flirting online with a guy

Flirting is the ability to seduce the interlocutor with the help of communication and non-verbal actions. Communicating with a guy in an online chat, it is important for a girl to be able to identify that look when she seems not too modest.

Flirting rules

Every person can flirt. Since it is a prelude to a love affair, this procedure will be indispensable in a further relationship with a guy. Learning this even at the stage of online communication is not difficult, because experts have developed rules that are suitable for everyone.


Most people start online communication with standard welcome phrases: “Hello,” “How are you?”, “What are you doing?” etc. Such already boring phrases only annoy the interlocutor with their senselessness and stupidity. The girl should come up with a non-banal phrase. This way she will show the guy her originality and ability to choose the right words from the first minute of communication.

Less thinking

Online chat with a guy is not an exam or a job interview. There is no need to carefully think over each phrase. Such messages will only appear to the guy as messages of the robot, and not of a real, living person. Communication should be informal, unless, of course, there is a nerd on the other side of the screen.

‘Phrases of Infinity’

In correspondence, at any moment, ‘time for infinity phrases’ may come. They are non-binding messages. They make communication senseless and continuous: “Yes, I know that…”, “Tomorrow I will not be able to get in touch, because my cat is sick,” etc. The interlocutors try to communicate with each other with such phrases, but because of their large number they simply cannot concentrate and switch to a normal topic for discussion.

Jokes should be in moderation

Wit is a good trait of a female character. But you should not constantly practice it and hone your skills, especially during flirting with a guy you like. In addition, flirting should be cute and exciting, not comical and stupid.


For successful flirting it is recommended:

1. Use phrases that somehow make you think: “think for yourself”, “how do you think”, etc.

2. A girl should be a victim and a man should be a hunter.

3. Come up with a nickname for the interlocutor. At the same time, the nickname should not offend the man not to push him away, but to make him believe that the lady is interested in him.

4. Select only positive topics for discussion. It is best to prepare them in advance.

5. To avoid abbreviations that are accepted in social networks and ordinary chat rooms.

7. Do not use complex phrases, as they may seem boring to the interlocutor and push him away.

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