Best topics for a first date
First Date

Best topics for a first date

When going on a first date, it is important to think through all the details. The task of not being disgraced in front of the interlocutor should be in front of both the man and the woman. The most important thing is to choose the right topics for communication. There should be several of them so that the conversation does not seem to be a burden and does not make each participant want to go home.

Consider the best topics for a first date.


Not knowing where to start the dialogue, you can talk about the latest news. This topic is not intended for a long discussion, but each interlocutor will be able to express their own opinion on this matter and, quite possibly, the conversation will start on its own.

Food preferences

No matter where the date is held, the topic of food will be more than ever useful. It will allow you to find out the preferences of the interlocutor and share your own. This will provide an opportunity to make plans for the next date, which can just be organized in a cafe or a restaurant. The most important thing is not to talk about food that one interlocutor does not like.

Social connections

At the first date, the interlocutors are still not very familiar, and the topic of friends and the closest circle will give answers to many questions. A couple needs to understand with whom the partner communicates well and who annoys him. In addition, if a young man or a girl prefers to go with friends to certain events, perhaps the next date should be set there.


Talking about pets is easy, laid-back, and positive. Everyone who has an animal at home will not mind telling a funny story about him, show photos and videos. But if the interlocutor recently had an accident with the pet or he just negatively treats them, the topic should be avoided.

Favourite activities

Despite the fact that all people in this world are different, their hobbies may match. You should take into account that on the first date the interlocutors will find common hobbies. They must be discussed in order to do what they love together in the future. This topic will certainly bring the couple closer and make you talk for hours.


Each person at least once in his life went on a journey. Even if it was a visit not to a distant country, but only to another city or village, this topic will interest both interlocutors. You can tell about what you saw, share new information and discuss where you would like to go in the future.

Life stories

A rather interesting topic allows you to reveal the interlocutor of 90 percent. You can start with funny moments from childhood or funny cases at school/work. The interlocutor will certainly support the conversation, because he can not only tell his story, but also comment on what he heard. Here it will be possible to understand the level of humour of the interlocutor. The main thing is not to tell too silly and specific stories that can only be understood by loved ones.

Future plans

A great conclusion to the conversation is a discussion of plans for the future. Here you should not arrange an interrogation to the interlocutor. You can just ask who he sees himself in a few years. It will provide an opportunity for both participants to understand with who they are communicating with and whether their joint future is possible.

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