What hairstyle to choose on a first date with a guy
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What hairstyle to choose on a first date with a guy

Sometimes the hair looks so cool that you feel like a superstar. But more often they drive girls crazy with their non-obedience. And when an exciting acquaintance on the Internet took place, for example, on Omegle or Chatroulette services, the question arises: what hairstyle to do on a date? How to choose a styling option that is attractive in shape?

To save girls from the problem of finding hairstyles, we selected several of the most convenient and beautiful options. Anyone can handle them. You just have to choose something of your own from this list.

– Using a colorful and stylish bandana, you can keep your hair under control, and additional weaving will add an image of romance.

– Lush and soft waves on the head look not only stylish, but also sexy. You can wind them with a curling iron, a styler or create using curlers.

– Who said that the ponytail can be boring? It is worth adding a little volume – and an amazing result is guaranteed!

– The romantic “little girl” (the front strands are combed back and grabbed at the back of the head with a beautiful hair clip) will be the perfect complement to any outfit.

– A neat hoop with decor will not only look great, but also keep your hair in order.

– You can always return to the classics: twist the spiral bundle, which ballerinas love so much. But here it is necessary to ensure that the type of hairstyle is ideally suited to the shape of the face and to the length of the neck.

– Nobody canceled the classic pigtails, because you can always make something interesting out of them.

– The light effect of negligence of long well-groomed hair may be to your taste.

 – Greek-style hairstyles are made quickly and easily, but they always look great.

– The ponytail on the side of the head will give an image of playfulness.

Separately, it should be said about the bandages and hair accessories. This universal decoration will suit both girls with long hair and those who have a short haircut. The main thing is to choose a model and color. Deciding on the latter, one should be guided by what shade of the hair. The owners of a light hairstyle are contraindicated in white bandages; they will look as if they had bandaged their head with a bandage. The bandage will add femininity to your haircut. If you want to change the image before a date, add a little femininity and tenderness to the image. Use a thin decorative lace or ribbon of medium width. Hair jewelry should harmoniously fit into the image as a whole. If the hair is long, then the choice of headbands, dressings and ribbons is simply not limited. It is easy to get confused, so be careful that the haircut is made in the same style as the selected outfit. The image should be thoughtful and harmonious.

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