How to confess your love to a guy
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How to confess your love to a guy

You have been communicating with a guy for a long time and seriously, and you feel that this is true love, but he does not seem to be aware of your feelings. Or you feel that it is mutual, but the young man does not take the first steps. How to confess your love to a guy with whom you only communicate by correspondence? In fact, it is much easier than in real life.

Where to begin

There can be several reasons for male “inaction” – from banal shyness to lack of confidence in their feelings, unwillingness to rush things.

If the decision to act first is firmly made, you need to think through its implementation. To begin with, choose the right words. The first rule is not to use formulaic phrases, poems, corny confessions. This can alienate the young man. Your friend is natural, make a confession in your usual communication. Guys value honesty and openness very much – you should be yourself, and not play the role of a dramatic heroine.

Preparing for recognition

Of course, this can be a spontaneous expression of feelings, but an unexpected recognition will definitely discourage a person. It is better to “prepare the ground” in advance. This behavior will allow you to unobtrusively approach the recognition, and even gradually find out how the young man treats you. It can be conversations about relationships between girls and guys, love and friendship. You can carefully ask what kind of girls he likes, what qualities the young man values ​​in the chosen one, what he would like from the relationship, and what is unacceptable for him.

How to find words

You can start with the fact that communication with a guy gives you genuine joy. You wait for his messages, think about him even when you do not communicate. Over time, you are more and more convinced that he is a good and interesting person, you are comfortable and easy with him. You think this is a real, deep feeling.

Some tips for girls

For everything to go well, you can psychologically prepare a little for the upcoming conversation. What is the best way to behave?

· Be attentive. Listen, delve into his affairs and problems. If necessary, give advice or encouragement, support him. Successful relationships often start with friendship.

· Praise. Guys love praise and recognition. But do it consciously – watch his reaction. Is the guy frankly happy with your praise? This is a good sign – there is a chance of reciprocity. But if he remains indifferent, cold, or even shows aggression, it is better to postpone the recognition, or completely abandon this idea.

· Maintain interest. Think about topics of conversation, be attentive conversationalist.

If you cannot keep silent about feelings, talk about them. In the end, you will not lose anything – if you are nice to a guy, he will be happy for recognition and will reciprocate. If not, then this is not your person. Remember that being recognized in chat-roulette is not binding. If you want, you can stop communicating at any time without feeling awkward. And go for new, exciting acquaintances!

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