Best 5 questions for a strange guy
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Best 5 questions for a strange guy

Starting a conversation with a stranger is always difficult, especially if he is a nice guy that you like. Fortunately, there are chat-roulette where you can talk to anyone at home, via video or text messages. In these chats it is possible to interest the interlocutor, and also to feel more confident, develop good communication skills. Here are five questions that will lead to an interesting conversation.

Tell about the bravest thing you have ever done

Guys love to talk about bold and extraordinary actions that prove their masculinity. For sure, almost every man will remember something unusual in his life, an act in which he had to show all his endurance and fortitude. Be sure that the person will tell you in detail about such a case, even if he had to just move his grandmother across the road. Do not judge, even if such an act seems insignificant. It is better to make a couple of compliments to the person, and continue your interesting conversation.

How do you feel about pets?

Such a question will be an indicator of the character of a young person. Men who are sensitive to pets are more likely to be caring towards you. If a person openly shows dislike or treats with ridicule to pets, you are definitely not on the way with him. At the same time, you can also ask questions about your attitude to the environment: if you do not buy plastic and do not eat meat, you are unlikely to like a person in a genuine leather jacket.

What is your favorite dish?

Men love delicious food – these are not empty words, but a time-tested truth. Therefore, if a girl can cook, this is a great advantage in personal relationships. Talk about the man’s food preferences, ask him to tell you about his favorite combinations, and what he categorically does not tolerate. Even if you are not very good at cooking, this information may be useful in the future when ordering food from a restaurant for a romantic dinner.

What do you like about girls?

It is a question to which you can give a detailed answer and understand whether you are on the way with this person. The guy can answer you both about appearance and about character traits. This will help determine whether you are moving in the same direction, whether you fit the standards of this man, and whether it is worth meeting these standards.

How do you like to relax?

This is the most harmless question you can ask a stranger. Ask the guy to tell you about his favorite activities, hobbies. Remember that all people are different. Someone prefers to spend evenings in the gym, someone-in a bar with friends, and for someone it is enough just to watch the series on a cozy sofa at home. Do not judge a person for his preferences. If they are unacceptable to you, it is better to immediately stop the conversation and look for another partner than to express disdain.

Thus, while chatting, you can ask a guy a lot of questions about his life. The main thing is to respect personal boundaries and show respect.

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